You Should Know This About Living In Andorra

Before you start considering if you want to vivir en andorra, it’s recommended that you brush up your general knowledge about the same.

Fun Facts

Some facts that you might not know about Andorra and should brush up on are:

  • Lands surround Andorra on both sides – Spain on the one hand and France on the other.
  • It’s not officially a part of the European Union, but it has the Euro as its official currency. The closest major airports to the country are Barcelona and Toulouse. Might as well start pronouncing Euro because you’ll soon be using it. It hasn’t been looked into deeply, but several people claim that Andorra falls in the category of the world’s top 20 oldest countries.
  • Catalan is the official language of Andorra – which makes it the only country to have that language as its official language.

Reasons To Live There

People who live there or have lived there say that it’s one of the safest countries to live in in the world. So much so that they could leave their wallet and keys behind on a table of a cafe while they still come back to find them safe and secure.

The expenses of living there are pretty amazing too. You could get a two-bedroom and bath apartment with a garage or storage room. However, you want to refer to it, for €850 per month. A cup of morning coffee would cost you only 1 to €1.25, and other rejuvenating activities such as a membership to a swimming club or the gym, along with other utilities, would not take more than €40 per month.

Sum up

With a country with almost everything from sights that people get to see once in their lifetime to great saunas, who wouldn’t want to live here?


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