Why Hemp Must Be Made Legal

One of the greatest tragedies in mankind’s history has been the late criminalization of hemp. I say late because, for the majority of man’s existence, hemp was not only unrestricted but colossally revered. However, due to misinformation and ignorance, many people see cannabis as a bad thing, which might not be added from the truth. Some of the best CBD oil for sleep, anxiety, and depression are developed from hemp only.

Nobody should be arrested for possessing cannabis, yet so many people are all hour. The fear that runs through someone’s bedrock when they are in that kind of case should not be tolerated by anybody, yet some people believe that it is good to punish people for this. Do you believe you should be arrested, perplexed into a police car, and fatigued of thousands of dollars for consuming alcohol or smoking a cigarette, both of which are factually colossally more dangerous than cannabis? If not, then why should one assume that lives should be besmirched for this?

The lies that the administration feeds us perpetuate the ignorance that cannabis is a dangerous substance. However, any astute person who looks at the real and chronological attestation can see that cannabis is only not dangerous, but is really good for our health. In fact, consuming a light amount of cannabis on an automatic base has the same function as taking a vitamin.

One clue to the effectiveness of cannabis is the simple fact that people derive almighty relief from just smoking it. Isn’t it amazing that smoking something is more effective for people than actual prescription medications? And the kicker is that cannabis reaches only a small part of its budding when smoked; the true power lies in extracts.

The best way to use cannabis medicinally is to attar the resins and attend them, forming a brunt documented as hemp oil. A consummate and easy ancestry clarify was urban by a man named Rick Simpson, who also used his application on hundreds of people with amazing success, even curing many cases of terminal cancer.

At the very least, if hemp was amply used industrially, then we would get some benefit from it. However, the oblivious United States administration lumps hemp both with feminine cannabis buds, and thus prevents us from utilizing it. This is very terrible, considering hemp is an absolute biofuel, staple food, and replacement for tree-based and petroleum-based products.

Knowing how beneficial and safe hemp is, it is absolutely cockeyed that it is illegal. When I see police officers imposing anybody for cannabis, or speaking negatively regarding it, it actually makes me angry, knowing that this ignorance promotes the unimaginable pain of millions of people. This is not a matter of, “We want to smoke cannabis.” This is a matter of pleasure and pain, life and death, justice, and destruction.

If you want to do something to help change the laws, join NORML or, most importantly, advertise the use of hemp oil for medicine. While this will lead to the legalization of cannabis for recreation, medicine, and industry, the most important thing is that it will allay the horrendous pain of additional earthly beings.


Adrian O'Connor is a passionate business writing coach and a creative copywriter. He is out there to make Business classes more interesting for all the students out there.