Why 3 Team Cricket Is An Experiment That Is Absolutely Worth Trying


Cricket is one of the most popular games on the board and has a huge number of fans all over the globe. With the popularity of 2 team cricket, most experts want to experiment with 3 team Cricket. Here are a few things that you might be interested in knowing if you are a cricket fan.

What are a 3 team Cricket and Why 3 Team Cricket is an experiment worth its while

in 3 team Cricket, there are 3 teams instead of 2 and each team has 8 players instead of the regular 11 player team. Other than this, this is a match of 36 overs which is conducted over a span of 2 different halves each of 18 overs. There will be halftime in between the two halves. However, there are other plans which state there will be 12 overs where one team will face 6 overs from each of the other teams.

2020 has been rough the CPL announcement is a piece of great news for cricket fans 

due to the pandemic situation, most of the exciting leagues have been canceled this season. In this situation, the announcement of CPL in 2020 August end is like a breath of fresh air for most cricket fans. It is scheduled to start in the last week of August and continue until the 3rd week of September. So that is going to be a busy season for the fans. 

So, if you are among those cricket fans who have been missing out on the action then CPL 2020 schedule is what you have been waiting for. This is set to happen in the Caribbean islands and you can keep your eyes on the whole season. Till something new like the 3 team Cricket comes up these leagues are the best choice for millions of cricket fans around the globe. 


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