Where can I get briquettes?

Although charcoal grilling has become a popular American activity, it has been utilized as a source of fuel since antiquity. Charcoal is now generated in a low-oxygen atmosphere by burning wood waste, sawdust, and other raw materials such as coconut shells. Depending on the type, it is compressed and processed in a variety of ways. There are a lot of different kinds of charcoal, and you undoubtedly want to know which one gives you the finest flavor. Experts agree that while charcoal has little effect on flavor (unless it’s a fast-light brand), it does increase heat and cooking time. Let’s have a look at your options.

A briquette that has been drenched with lighter fluid to make it simpler to start a fire is known as play charcoal. In Kütteladu, they don’t advocate using lighter fluid or match-light briquettes on any type of charcoal since the gas in the fluid imparts a chemical flavor to the food.

Lump charcoal resembles charred wood bits rather than compressed briquettes. It’s difficult to stack properly because of the various shapes and sizes. It produces less ash and burns hotter and faster, allowing for more efficient searing but necessitating the addition of more fuel over time. Some lump charcoals, such as mesquite, oak, pecan, hickory, oak, and apple, are manufactured entirely of a single type of wood, making them excellent for smoking.

For small and portable grills, a fair rule of thumb is 30 briquettes, and 50 to 75 briquettes for bigger grills like barrel and kettle grills. You’ll need to think about the amount of food you’re cooking as well as the weather. You’ll need additional charcoal to keep the fire going if you want to keep the food coming. On a windy or rainy day, you’ll use more briquettes. Always use fresh charcoal for the greatest results. Fresh charcoal will light better than old charcoal or charcoal that has been exposed to wet conditions. Because of the flavor and impurities, we do not recommend lighter fluid. So avoid the urge to douse it in lighter fluid and grab a new bag instead.


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