Use the Combination of WordPress and Analytics to get the best customers

We live in the modern world where the old traditional coding based website is no more the choice of the website owners. People have started shifting to the readymade website formats to design their websites. One of the most famous platforms that people most commonly use is WordPress. It is the website hosting, and designing platform which helps the businesses and website owners create and edit their website.

Analytics- the missing element

Now after the website is active then the business will think of bringing the customers to their website. For this, they will start making content on their website and post them regularly. But even after that, the website doesn’t get the desired amount of customer, and the reason behind is the absence of the Analysis tool. Alone the wordpress will not be able to increase your traffic rate. You also have to use the analytics along with it. So, let us discuss how they both will work together to attract more customers.

  • The wordpress will provide several formatting options to the website owner, which will confuse them., here the Analytics will help them choose the best, which is more liked by the customers.
  • You can upload as much content you want to on your website, but there is one issue with that. The more is content, the heavier the website will become. That is where analytics comes into the role. With the analytics, you can check the website’s optimization and compatibility and then upload the content accordingly.

There are many other ways also in which Analytics and WordPress work together to bring more customers to your website. To learn using the Analytics platform, a person must go through Google’s course and then give the test to prove their proficiency. To pass the test, a person can take google analytics for beginners answers assessment 2 for practicing. More practice will elevate your score and increase your proficiency.


Adrian O'Connor is a passionate business writing coach and a creative copywriter. He is out there to make Business classes more interesting for all the students out there.