Top Choices for Multiplayer Games Like Free Fire!

Multiplayer games are the most loved games and since the last few years when PUBG came to PC, multiplayer games pc have changed a lot. They are the most wanted games and these days every single gaming banner is looking for multiplayer elements in the games since that increases the engagement rate of players. People these days tend to spend more hours playing with friends or strangers, especially in games like free fire where 100 players are competing, spending hours on this game is much special than a normal role-playing game. 

Even role-playing games these days are tending more towards the multiplayer areas. And why not, it makes the game a lot more interesting and complex competitiveness is always something gamers have desired. And here we have listed games that you can substitute for Free Fire which also have great graphics!

The Top Games Like Free Fire

  • Call of Duty Warzone

Call of Duty is a huge banner game that has been ruling the console gaming world for decades. The amazing stories of captain price and ghost are not unknown to people, and now this story and character are not in a multiplayer game, that too accessible on PC and mobiles. 

  • Valorant

Valorant is yet another long-running series of games that has been playable on PC devices for many years now. But with the newest edition, you can now play this game on modern edge graphics! This game is much similar to counter strike gameplay design, another game that has been ruling the multiplayer industry.

  • Apex Legends

Do you Love Sci-Fi space fighting world? then you would love the Apex Legends game. This game is packed with stunning graphics, amazing guns, and great gameplay 

All these multiplayer games pc can be best substituted with the Free 


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