Tom Ford Sunglasses Sophisticated Luxurious Style

Tom Ford sunglasses are one of the most stylishly superior in the eyewear and fashion industry. Created for men and women who appreciate the sense of bold, luxurious and unique design, the sunglasses remain sophisticated and chic whilst also being statement enough to allow the wearer to convey their own personality and stand out in the crowd.

Fashion is of course, ever evolving and whilst there will always be an ‘it’ style of accessory, be it a handbag, watch or a particular pair of sunglasses, the majority of people want an item that serves longevity and won’t be considered a ‘not’ accessory in six month’s time. When people invest in a pair of sunglasses they want something that is unique to them and would probably prefer to be the only person wearing them as opposed to wearing the same style as every other person just for the sake of that design being ‘in fashion’. This is where Tom Ford shines as a designer – his creations are instantly recognisable with the use of innovative and bold shapes, colour tones and expressive styles which has made the Tom Ford brand and thus his collection of sunglasses, a timeless trend all of their own. Tom Ford is synonymous with sophistication and the range of Tom Ford sunglasses perfectly captures this style trait.

There are a couple of new styles for summer in the Tom Ford sunglasses collection; the first of which is the slick and streamlined Marco sunglasses. A simple aviator design that looks equally great on men and women, these sunglasses feature a pale gold slim frame, black ear socks and graduated olive lenses. The use of soft colours adds to the versatility of this style – aviators are one of the most popular styles of sunglasses around and never fail to look incredibly stylish with literally any outfit. The Tom Ford Marco design is ultra sleek and will look equally as good in five years time as it does today.

To talk about Marco designs is like showing candle to the sun so we’ll leave it at that but when it comes to brand value, it has received competition from all corners but what makes it unique are the Oakley gascan replacement lenses that sets them apart from others and five years is the minimum period that it can last so one can grab on to the opportunity.

A further new addition to the collection is one for the ladies; the Callae Tom Ford sunglasses. Again, the detailing is minimal but the design is striking and statement with a thick brown frame with rounded edges and brown arms which curve at the ear stems. This style is oversized with the graduated brown lenses more of an egg-shape than fully rounded. The perfect pair of sunglasses for achieving effortless glamour that is striking without looking too overstated.

An example of Tom Ford at his most bold and creative is demonstrated in the Nico sunglasses (as seen in the main image). Not for the shy girls, these shades show you mean business, portray a confident sense of style and that you are more likely a fashion innovator than a follower! With a thick, defined and almost triangular frame that boasts sharp angles, the Nico sunglasses have a futuristic appeal and due to their distinctive aesthetic, will continue to look amazing season after season.

As Tom Ford is such a highly skilled and creative designer and is also a strong and vibrant personality who is very much the ‘face’ of his brand, a huge number of celebrities are fans of the brand and are often spotted wearing his sunglasses. Audrina Partridge, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Kate Moss and Denise Richards are just a handful of stylish individuals who are regularly papped wearing a pair with actress and singer Demi Lovato also loving the bold Nico frames! All Tom Ford sunglasses are hand crafted in Italy and ensure superb quality along with a stunning style that represents elegance, charisma and an assured and confident approach to fashion.


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