Three Tips To Consider For People Who Are Growing Their Hop 

For those who do not know what a hop is, it is a flower from which beer is made. It is an extraordinary flower that is used in making tasty local beers in France. Several hops are currently operating in the area of France, and till date, new people keep thinking of cultiver le houblon.

Those who are newcomers to the field and thinking of buying new land for hop must take care of the following tips.

Try to buy the rhizomes in March

If you are a new buyer who is thinking of the cultivation, then the most suitable month is March. People sometimes pre sale the crop in January, which you should not consider until the variety is scarce and in demand. This is because the crop is on a full bloom, and all you need to do is cultivate and then start the process.

Keep on nurturing your plant growing with light irrigation

When you cultivate the hops, you should always remember that you have to water the crop properly. But it never requires any flooding type of irrigation. You are just asked to give a light sprinkling irrigation to the plants to support their growth.

If you are planning to save the hops, then dry them

There are many times when you are going to plan to use the hops that are produced this year in next year’s production. In such kind of planning, a person should directly dry the hops as they cultivate them. It will increase the shelf life of the hops so that you can store them for a more extended period of time.


These are the tips for all the starting guys who are just thinking of setting up the new hop. It will give you a fantastic cropping output and also the beer produced from it will be of top quality.


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