Stun Gun – How To Choose A Better One!

While defending yourself from an attacker, you only have a moment to act to protect yourself, and for that particular, you need to make it count because if it doesnt maybe, you are gone. Thats why the stun gun is used by most of the womens and mens to save themselves from the attacker. Have you ever thought that how important is choosing a stun gun can be? Because many brands claim about the stun gun’s effectiveness, but you need to guide yourself before buying the stun gun as its a matter of your safety. Here is a simple guide about some questions you can ask yourself while buying the stun gun from an online shop or offline shop. 

How much voltage its enough?

Everyone believes that the more voltage a stun gun will carry, the powerful the impact will, but the fact is different from the opinion. A stun gun with 0.5 microvolt current can because you even pain, and the stun gun with one microvolt current is enough to drop the attacker to the ground. 

How powerful it needs to be?

You can use the 1.82 high-voltage stun sticks to defend yourself because it can incapacitate the attacker so that you will get enough time to escape from that place. Most of the companies use this much of microcurrent as it is sufficient for defending yourself. Many of you believe that the stun gun can cause human death, but it is false because it only affects the person up to that level where the person gets drop on to the ground. 

While using the stun gun, you need to remember that you need to use it from a close difference because it works when direct contact has been made with the attacker.


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