Store Shelf Vs Prescription For Acne – What are they?

Skin care advertisements are found all over television and magazines. Dewy-faced women (and sometimes men), with glowing complexions, luminous eyes, no pimples or wrinkles. This is the main advertising tool for most companies selling skin care products in today’s market.

However, is it true the more expensive department store brands are better than the products sold in drugstores, often at three times less than their makeup counter siblings? The selection of the best acne scar treatment is there for the best results of the people. The makeup on the face is excellent for the removal of the blackheads and pimples. The purchasing of the branded cream will not provide the results like the acne scar treatment provides to the people. 

Students could consult all the parties in question to find the answer. Stacy Adams at the University Mall’s Dillard’s was on the side of the products sold in her department.

“Their products were much better, definitely,” Adams said.

Kasi Freeman, a freshman in human development and family studies, uses Clinique and was certain the price was more than fair when compared with the prescription brand she used before, and for her, it actually seemed to have a better effect. Freeman also said the drugstore brands did nothing for her.

Kelly Knox, P.A., physician’s assistant for Auburn Dermatology, said Freeman’s case was not the normal reaction.

“The department store brands are not always best,” Knox said. “In fact, most drugstore brands are comparable to anything produced by the cosmetic companies sold in department stores.”

They also talked about the popular acne solution Proactiv. Knox said Proactiv is not prescription strength and doesn’t do anything in the long run for acne treatment.

“You need something that is going to take care of the reason for the acne, not something that will just treat the acute breakout itself,” Knox said.

She also issued a warning regarding both department and drugstore brands: if it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

“Most over-the-counter products, unlike prescriptive ones, are not tested by the Food and Drug Administration and often do not live up to their promises,” Knox said.

Being the curious consumers, students ran their own tests with a few products. For an on-the-spot acne problem, two different products were tested: Clean and Clear’s Acne Spot Remover and Proactiv’s product.

For makeup removal, students tested Neutrogena’s Makeup Removal Wipes against Lancôme’s Ablutia Fraicheur Purifying Foaming Cleanser. For the last test, students used Neutrogena’s brand of moisturizer with sunscreen against Lancôme Bienviat Multi-Vital SPF 30 cream.

The acne test was a clear win for the drugstore brands, with Clean and Clear working much better.

The second test, the moisturizers, gave points for the other side, with the Lancôme moisturizer working better and not being as greasy.

The deciding vote came with the makeup removal test.

The Neutrogena wipes actually worked better than the Lancôme cleanser, and it is already in a convenient wipe form. Skin care is something everyone needs, but one doesn’t have to break his or her bank account to do so. The drugstore brands hold their own, in most cases, to the expensive department store cousins.


Adrian O'Connor is a passionate business writing coach and a creative copywriter. He is out there to make Business classes more interesting for all the students out there.