Stay In Bed And Off The Operating Table Why A Natural Latex Mattress May Work Better Than Surgery

Fibromyalgia, sciatica, scoliosis, spinal stenosis, herniated disks—every time I turn on my television I am bombarded by some drug company or personal injury lawyer asking me if I’m in pain and promising to help with physical or financial relief. If I could hurl a natural latex mattress at the screen, I would, but I know it wouldn’t make me—or my back—feel any better. Back pain, often stemming from a variation of the above conditions, is one of the most common problems in Florida and the nation at large.

The best twin mattress is the right choice for the individuals who are undergon through surgery. It will provide the right posture to sleep at night. The back will feel better on the mattress with the best quality stuff. All of these are having natural stuff to help the individual in sleep post surgery. 

Every year, millions of exasperated Americans go under the knife or on heavy prescription drugs to manage their pain and, every year, millions of exasperated Americans…stay exasperated. That’s because back surgery has a very low success rate, driving chiropractors and orthopedic specialists to seek alternative treatments for the spinal maladies that plague their patients. Their solution? Natural latex mattresses—a godsend for back pain sufferers (and allergy sufferers, too).

Chiropractors have backed natural latex mattresses for years because the beds are so effective at keeping their patients’ spines aligned, which means fewer trips back to the doc for readjustments. Natural latex does this by relieving pressure points instead of worsening them like so many innerspring mattresses are prone to do. And by keeping your weight evenly distributed, you are even less likely to end up in a bad sleeping position as the night goes on. Thus, the benefits of natural latex mattresses are many-fold because less tossing and turning translates to deeper, more restful sleep and better, easier mornings.

And, as I mentioned before, natural latex is a great solution for back pain sufferers and allergy sufferers alike. In fact, many sneezy sleepers in states with restrictive flame retardancy laws seek out chiropractors to “prescribe” them a natural latex mattress. The reason is that your run-of-the-mill mattress is loaded with dust mites—critters that keep you up at night with a box of Kleenex in hand. Natural latex and organic mattresses wrapped in wool are not treated with toxic flame retardants like regular beds (because the wool is inherently flame-resistant) so many states mandate that customers must get a prescription for an un-treated or no wool bed from a doctor. That’s why you might run into an allergy sufferer in your chiropractor’s office from time to time. They’re getting their natural latex fix!

If you have been considering splurging on back surgery or upping your prescription dosage, why not ask your chiropractor or orthopedic specialist what they think about a natural latex mattress instead? Personally, I’d rather cure my spinal woes in the comfort of my bed rather than an operating table. Skip the recovery time and start resting right—on a natural latex mattress. (Oh, and if you’re sick of waking up with Kleenex in hand, you may want to join your spinally-challenged friends at Green Dwellers – The Florida Organic Mattress Store.)


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