Rewiring Your House Sound Investment

If you purchase an old house, the chances are that the wiring has not been redone for many years, possibly decades, possibly never since the house was built. It is highly advisable in this case to have the house completely rewired, by a competent, qualified electrician. This is not a DIY job. The money invested in rewiring is very well spent because it will increase the value of your property on the market. But, more importantly – what price can be put on safety?

There are five major factors to consider.

1) Grounding. If the insulation inside your wiring fails and the live wire touches the grounded wire then the circuit is effectively shorted and the fuse will immediately blow. This could save your life. Grounding in old wiring systems may become unreliable and potentially dangerous. So give yourself the reassurance that your family will be safe with a thoroughly up-to-date grounding system.

2) Saving energy. In today eco-conscious world, a complete wiring overhaul will give you a house which is more energy-efficient with less wastage of electricity and energy. This not only saves you money but helps the environment as well.

This is perhaps the most important phase that many people neglect as what most of the house owners do is that they unnecessarily waste a lot of energy by leaving the electrical appliances on as that is a waste of money as well so if you want good services in this regard, you need to strictly keep your energy in control so that you don’t have to dial the largest electrical contractors in Minnesota to manage things out and pay a huge amount for it.

3) Reducing attic temperature. Some attics in summer can become extremely hot – up to 160 degrees Fahrenheit. This can damage things that you store up there, and can also endanger your life. If you have to go into the attic for whatever reason you could easily pass out in the heat. As part of an overall rewiring, a fan can be installed in the attic which will keep the temperature cooler and safer.

4) New Arc Fault Circuit Breakers are safer. Technology in all fields is steadily evolving and improving, and electronics is no exception. The latest Arc Fault Circuit Breakers are much safer and more efficient than circuit breakers found in old wiring systems.

5) New GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets will be installed. GFCI circuits are designed to cut the current when the difference in currents flowing through the live and neutral wires becomes too large. (This difference has to flow to ground.) This can happen, for instance, if too many computer components are connected at the same time. GFCI circuits are an important safety net to protect you from potential hazards.

Rewiring is a major undertaking, but is well worth the inconvenience, time and expense, for peace of mind, knowing that your family is safe, and it will also increase the value of your property.


Adrian O'Connor is a passionate business writing coach and a creative copywriter. He is out there to make Business classes more interesting for all the students out there.