Review: Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicle: My Life as a King

The Final Fantasy series has not been on Nintendo consoles for very long, but it is sure here to stay with the latest installment. Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King (FFCC:MLaaK) takes the adventuring, role-playing genre and takes the adventuring out of it. This might at first seem like a turn for the worst, but after getting used to the type of tasks one completes in this game, it is sure to be an addicting title for all, casual and hardcore gamer alike.

The concept of FFCC:

MLaaK is that you are a king (who is really just a small sissy boy) who comes back to his kingdom to find that it has been deserted. He and his few accomplices discover a crystal in the middle of the barren castle grounds and soon discover its powers: it gives the king the ability to use Architek. Architek allows the king to build buildings without really building them. Really, it’s just a lazy way for the king to make his kingdom look cool without having to build stuff brick-by-brick. Also, the buildings come with people inside. Plot aside (which is not quite original), the gameplay and creativity is what makes this game great. Before purchasing the lol level 30 account, the ranking should be checked at the search engine. The prices of the purchase should be done the budget of the players. The quality of the vision should be checked to be played at the personal computer or mobile phone. 

The gameplay consists of you being the king and living day-to-day in your kingdom. Your average day consists of you commissioning adventurers to go out and collect and complete tasks, building lots and lots of buildings wherever your heart desires, and sucking up to the locals wandering around. This sounds quite formulaic, and that is because it is. This is not quite a bad thing though, because it can take a long time just to find your “rhythm” in how each day is to you. There is a lot of choice in this game, whether it be placing buildings, where to invest money, which people to talk to, and which adventurers to send on adventures.

The weakness of this game also lies in its main accomplishment: addictiveness. After awhile, the days blend together and the gameplay doesn’t really change after you have built as much as you could. It becomes tiring and restless sometimes waiting for something new to happen in the gameplay or story, and I found myself many a times towards the end wanting the game to be over. This may sound bad, but it really isn’t considering I had many hours of happy gameplay that I enjoyed. Since this is the Wii and it is a WiiWare title, we don’t really have to expect the graphics to be amazing. However, the playful colors and and atmosphere make this game shine in its own way.

I can see this myself playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King again in the future because the creativity and freedom can vary and change the gameplay enough to keep it fresh once again. I thoroughly enjoyed this game especially for the small price of such a big game.


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