Read this if you are planning to install a flagpole at your residence

Flag hoisting on international day celebrations is the major event that catches the attention of a flag and one’s patriotism. The flags hoisted in financial, social welfare, medical, defense organizations get noticed by most citizens on national holidays. 

Have you thought about setting up a flagpole at your home and hoisting the colored cloth on your own? If the answer is yes, congratulations to you for landing on the right site. We are happy to share a few tips to install secured and stable Lipuvardad at your residence related to the below aspects. 

  • Material
  • Price
  • Location


The first aspect you need to consider is the pole’s material for stable establishment. Aluminium, stainless steel or fibreglass are the common materials from which a bar is made. The ones made from aluminium are strong and lightweight; stainless steel stands are heavy and robust, whereas the latter is strong, lightweight and flexible. Seasons with heavy winds can negatively affect the composure of the setup, which is why stainless steel stands can be chosen. 


A few of the manufacturing companies produce standard Lipuvardad with the use of other matter and sell them at a reasonable price, i.e., within your budget. Speaking of expenses, it is best to have a rate in mind as per your economic condition. 


Location is another aspect to focus on; the stand must be settled in a location that fosters visibility of your patriotism. Also, avoid disputes between power lines and other physical networks to prevent risky and uncertain situations. 

Nationality is an asset that must be cherished and respected. A true patriot would consider the above discussed three areas to fly the flag using a standard pole that assures security and safety.   


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