Pokemon Go- Seven Color Research Process

While some people would not be too enthusiastic about the heading of the article, the younger generation is going to love it just by the title because Pokemons have always been a weakness for young kids and how.

What is it with video games and cartoons that make them so endearing to these young folks and that too in such an obsessive way but the likes of Pokemon come up only once in a blue moon.

Today we are in the 21st century and mobile phones and tablet computers have taken over video games so it is only to be expected for Pokemon to be revamped to an upgraded version in the form of Pokemon Go to make it relatable to the tech savvy generation of the 2000s and 2010s, which brings us to the topic of this particular article that is quite intriguing.

Special Task Force

Where to begin with such a topic? Maybe with Seven Colored Shadow Special Research Tasks (SCSSRT), which is a new phenomenon recently introduced in Pokemon Go as all the players have to come together to form a special task force so as to tackle Team Rocket so that the enemy camp can be neutralized at the earliest.

Steps to Follow are:

  1. Capture 10 pokemons and spin 3 pokesteps by purifying the shadowy pokemons and earn 1500 XP reward
  2. Team Rocket has 5 grunts or potions so that you can capture 5 shadow pokemons and purify 3 of them to achieve 2000 XP
  3. Charge your defense attack in the battle ahead through effective training and get 2500 MP
  4. Arlo is a formidable player in Team Rocket and Cliff is the leader for which the reward is 2500 MP
  5. Then comes the mastermind for which you earn 3000 MP for defeating him
  6. The final reward for decimating the entire team is 6000 MP with new treasure levels opening up, which you can learn through https://www.pokemongoaccshop.com/ 


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