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Simple Romance With no strings attach

With every passing year, it is ever more apparent the commercialization of holidays. Valentines day has become more about the presents we receive than the thoughtfulness we put into it. The meaning at times seems to get lost in the rush to get the “perfect gift”. It happens to us all from one holiday to the next. This holiday however places such emphasis on purchasing extravagant gifts to show how much you love a person. When if you think about it how much you have isn’t a particularly good indicator of how much you care or love another person.

Gifts are not the ultimate in order to prove how much you love your significant other but it just makes you feel better that you can afford this much for him/her and this would help in creating a good impression in his/her mind, which would help in increasing your confidence for the future prospects of the relationship and what better than Valentine’s Day to make it look more authentic, without resorting to okcupid dating app to do your job.

I recall the simple pleasures of the day, especially as a young child in elementary school. Eagerly anticipating my box, or envelope in which i decorated for the occasion to be filled. Not with fancy jewelry, gift cards, or anything extravagant. Perhaps it was the satisfaction of giving and receiving that made it so special. I recall that anybody who was anybody purchased cards that they would give to almost everybody in the classroom. It was fun to select a cartoon, or a funny message to send to a friend or that girl you thought was cute and had no idea why. Valentines day was not about the quantity at all, it was about quality. Some holidays discussions between children usually are about quantity, “how much did you get?” And it just sucks the fun out of the holiday in my opinion. As a child however it was a great feeling of anxiety and not the kind you have waiting for the dentist, the butterflies in your stomach good kind of anxiety or nervousness. We all had to be brave and walk up to each other and wish them a “happy Valentines Day!” It was not forced we all got our friends a card because, it was fun and part of tradition. If you were part of the lucky few you did receive candy from your good friends.

It is this simple pleasure that i remember so well. I am still young, but once i started dating i noticed a drift between the fond memories as a child, and the pressure I felt, as I became older. It was more about making everything perfect, when that isn’t how a relationship is at all. Relationships, even good ones has its ups and downs. I like to think about relationships like a train, for the most part its a smooth ride, there is time to make repairs that need to be done, and work has to be put in to work well. To be honest my girlfriend never put the pressure upon me at the time, it was coming from the stores with their sales, and seductive lure of chocolates and skimpy outfits. Why is it that we all fall for the perceived one-day of perfection? Are we all in relationships that are only good for one day? It is my belief that you should try your best to show how you care about your special person all the time, but maybe i am the minority. I don’t just say “I love you” I make an effort to show it, by opening doors, giving an honest compliment, or cooking dinner and doing all the dishes all simple things that any person can do that wont show up on their credit card statement.

I enjoy holidays for the meanings and lessons they can teach us. They have the power and the ability to change people. I basically wish that everyday was a holiday. Pressure aside, when you really get that warm feeling that seems to surround you and you cannot help but smile and be kind, that is when the holidays are a great time. Think about a fond holiday memory and how perfect it is in your own minds. It might be the loving feelings, or the aromas of chocolates, or baked goods, whatever it is about a particular holiday especially in this instance Valentines Day hold onto that memory and try to make it apart of your new outlook. Remember the simple fun that can be had, because you cannot put a price on that, you cannot find that at the mall or on an Ebay auction. It is inside all of us and nobody can ever take that away.

5 Ways The Ipad Is Making You Hate Your Laptop

Regardless of if you own a laptop, desktop, netbook, eBook reader or any other tablet-like device, the birth of the Apple iPad will make you appreciate your loved gadgets just a little less than usual. With its impressive features and efficiency, your iPad is a complete package for all your needs. If you need better insight into all these amazing features then you have for that. Besides that, here are the top 5 reasons that you should make an iPad a much-needed gadget for your needs.

  1. The all-in-one gadget

Far gone are the days of the one-thing-only widget. After all, why buy an ebook reader, internet tablet, netbook, or portable gaming device when gadgets like the iPad can do it all. I’ve suffered from this very same dilemma when I sold my once treasured Sony Reader after the iPad turned my $300 (now $169.99) eBook reader into an app. The iPad has consumers expecting more from developers and begging the question “What else can this do?”

  1. The World has gone touchscreen crazy

Touchscreen devices have been on the market for a very long time, but the 10″ size of the iPad’s capacitive touch screen has done wonders for the touch screen market. While working at an electronics store, I often spot customers touching the screen of non-touchscreen objects like laptop screens and monitors. People have been bitten by the touch bug and using a mouse or touchpad as a navigation tool is starting to become a less than ideal process.

  1. Big is bad

When netbooks hit the market, regular laptops automatically became big in the eyes of consumers, but now that the Apple iPad is on the scene, 15.6″ screen laptops are now seen as humongous and bulky. The Apple iPad has made computing more portable than ever and has made carrying around a large laptop a thing of olden days.

  1. The world wants more accessibility

Not only is the iPad one of the most portable devices, but it’s also one of the most accessible gadgets as well. Unlike a laptop or netbook that has both a screen and keyboard, the iPad has a very minimalistic design that makes the iPad accessible in places that you’d be embarrassed to pull out your clunky laptop – bathroom, bus, library, etc. In addition to being easily accessed, the iPad also allows users to network with other devices like printers, remote access to computers, streaming movies, and connecting to cell phones and other gadgets.

  1. Lasting long does matter

The Apple iPad has been reported as lasting as long as ten hours, but in actual use, the iPad tends to last a lot longer than that. Even at ten hours, the iPad totally craps on the battery life of the average laptop and portable gaming device. 2 ½ hours on a laptop is no longer appealing and due to the iPad, I’ve even seen customers scoff at five or six hours on a laptop.

Searching For The Best VPN Service Provider For Travelling? Point To Consider!!!

If you are a traveler, then it is your responsibility to opt for the best VPN service that will able to add an additional layer of security to the internet. If you don’t want to compromise sensitive information with any person, then you should consider a genuine VPN service provider.

There are so many banking and financial service providers are out there that are making the use of VPN service because it is protecting the data from several hackers. Try to opt for the TorGuard and get a discount by using a TorGuard promo code. Nothing is better than a VPN service provider because it is offering additional features like kills witches. Make sure that you are choosing the best service provider that will able to offer the rock-solid encryption system. The following are the best VPN service provider that can be reliable for you.

  • ExpressVPN

Lots of best service providers are out there, and ExpressVPN is one of them that has become an ideal choice for travelers. They are providing the 30-day back guarantee to the users. If you are looking for the best VPN service provider with a user-friendly interface, then you should consider the ExpressVPN.

  • PrivateVPN

In order to unblock the streaming services, then you should opt for the PrivateVPN that is fairly great than others. It is the best company that is offering strong security & privacy to the data. If you don’t want to share the information with any person, then you should opt for the privateVPN that is fast and secure as well.

  • CyberGhost

If you are looking for the VPN service under budget, then CyberGhost would be a great option for you.

Moreover,  in order to unlock the geo-restricted platform, then you should opt for the Virtual private network.