Orange County Roofing and Roof Repair

There was leaking into the house, on the ceiling, all around the area of the fireplace. When we went up on the roof, we determined that, for sure, the felt had given way, that it in fact had deteriorated in the area of the metal flashing. In addition, we cautioned the client that the skylight, just a few feet away, and in close proximity to the chimney, was also a suspect source of this leaking. At first, he just wanted us to fix around the chimney, as the other “internet roofer”, had suggested this limited fix. We convinced him and because of our senior discount, he paid only slightly more than he would have with the other option as went for a quality roofing restoration and construction.

Lucky he did-once we pulled up the tiles around the chimney and the skylight, it was clear, and in the pictures, we took that the leak had several sources and the area of the skylight was significant.

Now, his project is complete and that entire part of the roof will stay maintenance for years to come.

For the past 12 years, our motto has remained the same “…all the fun and all the satisfaction in what we do is coming through for people”.

Wayne Bass is the Owner/Contractor of Web Roofing and Windows in Mission Viejo. He has been in the home improvement business since 1988 from the same current location. His current company was started in 1998 and they are both a general contractor and a roofing contractor. For the past 12 years, they have specialized in difficult leak detection and repair as well as full roof restoration. They also routinely change out hundreds of feet a week of termite damage wood and dry rot wood.



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