NBA 2K13 Gameplay Wishlist: 5 Necessary Fixes

NBA 2K has been the gold standard for basketball video games for over a decade, and the franchise keeps getting better. With that in mind, there are still improvements to be made, especially from a gameplay standpoint. Long-time fans of the 2K series understand that bugs within the game are frustrating, but part of the evolution of even the best titles. Here are five improvements the development team should consider as they continue to improve this incredible game:

  1. A better passing engine

I love the option of being able to throw an alley-oop to a teammate, but I remain frustrated with the fact that I can’t choose to throw a basic bounce pass on a fast break that avoids deflection. If that were possible, it would enhance my enjoyment of the game a great deal, and I know I’m not alone. The passing engine should be looked at as a whole to see what other improvements could be made.

  1. Fix the steals and deflections once and for all

NBA 2K12 is in my opinion the greatest basketball game ever made. The most frustrating aspect of what is otherwise a near flawless game is the fact that far too many deflections take place. Guys with their backs turned should not be able to magically defect balls they can’t see. Nothing is more frustrating than running a fast break only to have the opposing player deflect the outlet pass and get an easy dunk or layup because of it.

  1. Take a hard look at field goal percentage for layups

Though this aspect of the gameplay has actually improved over the years, especially in NBA 2K12, I have found the field goal percentage with layups to be fairly inaccurate. NBA players just don’t miss many layups, even when they are contested. Yet the game has players miss far too many of them. The Pokemon go accounts will be included in the playlist of the gamers. The gaming experience will not left behind the players while playing at the accounts for catching pokemon.

  1. Don’t sacrifice framerate for graphics

Graphics are nice, but with the current generation of Playstation 3 and Xbox consoles reaching the end of their life cycles, there really isn’t much more to be done without sacrificing fluidity. Fans can live with little to no upgrade in the graphical department if the gameplay improvements are substantial.

  1. Stick with the basics

With NBA Live 13 slated to compete with NBA 2K this year, the development team should not be tempted to reinvent the wheel with its gameplay engine. Even though the above points are critical of the game, not a lot needs to be improved upon because of such a strong foundation. The best thing the developers can do to ensure continued success? Stick with what makes the franchise great. That is, create the best NBA simulation ever made, and leave the arcade games to NBA Live.

Michael C. Jones is a Featured Contributor in Technology and has played every installment of the NBA 2K franchise on various consoles. For more insight, follow him on Twitter @MikeJonesTweets.


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