Lose Fat And Build Muscle

Two Ways To Build Muscle And Lose Fat

The first way is to build your muscles first and then lose the fat.

The second way is to lift weights and burn the fat at the same time. Your goal in this method is to lose the weight while you slowly build your muscles as you weight train

Build Muscle Mass First – Then Lose The Fat

If you want to build muscle mass and then lose fat, click here, you will be looking bigger and more muscular when it is all said and done. Not only will you gain muscle mass, it will be easier to lose the fat.

When you train for building muscle mass, you will have to intake more calories then your body needs per day to compensate for the muscle growth after a workout. If you do not consume more calories then what your body needs, your muscles will not grow. This is because your muscles need calories after your workout to repair the damaged muscle tissue. When you grow your muscles by bodybuilding them, the cells are split in two. Then amino acids, which are found in protein, comes and repairs the damaged cells. This is how your muscles grow. During this muscle growth process, you will gain a little bit of fat, depending how well your diet is. But that is okay because after you have gain a lot of muscle mass, all that fat you have put on during that time period will be easier to burn off.

When you are ready to burn off the fat, you will have to do High Intensity Interval Training. This will allow you to burn off the fat while keeping the muscle you have recently put on. When you do long hours of cardio exercises, you will lose muscle mass and fat. That is why you will see long distance runner really skinny with hardly any muscle and you will see sprinters with a lot of muscles.

Try to keep your high intensity interval training to under an hour. Also, try to have a 2 to 1 ratio of light jogging to sprinting. Maybe do 40 seconds of light jogging followed with a 20 second sprint.

When losing the fat, you will also want to continue weight training during this time. You will have to switch up the techniques in your routine so that you are shaping your muscle instead of building mass. This mean you will have to do more sets and reps but with less weight. Instead of building large amounts of muscle mass, you are now toning and shaping your muscles. You will still add muscle mass but not as much as if you were before.

Lose The Fat While You Build Muscle

The second way to lose fat and build muscle is much more for the person who already has muscle mass or is not looking to add a large amount of muscle mass. Instead of getting massive, they rather get tone by adding muscles for a athletic look.

Keep in mind, when you lose fat, your body will automatically look more muscular. You will see the muscles you already have that was hidden beneath a layer of fat. By working the weak areas, you can shape your body into how you want it.

In this method, you will have to keep your calories intake below the amount of calories you burn per day. For most people, that is around 1800 to 2000 grams. You will also have to eat smaller meals and more of them throughout the day. This will help keep your metabolism steady. Try to eat most of your carbohydrates in the morning while finishing up the day with proteins. This will help you burn calories at night when you sleeping

The same cardio exercises are used in both methods. High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) helps burn off the fat better then any other method of cardio out there in my opinion. Try to do your HIIT before your weight lifting when you are building for bulk and do HIIT after your weight lifting when you are trying to lose weight. Also, you will have to drink a lot more water because of the increased activity you will be doing.

The best way to get muscle is to lose all the fat while you re doing the workouts. The reducing of the bad fat will help tone the body as well as well as help maintain the health as there will be only the good fat. High intensity workout can burn out a lot of mass, which is not helpful in the long run. It is good to lose weight but it best to be healthy. 


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