Learn social media Marketing Directly From social media

It’s a little known fact that most social networks have websites, blogs and even training programs for businesses using their platforms. After all, this how they make money! It’s in their best interests to show businesses how to maximize their returns using their platform. For persons interested in learning or formalizing their skills in social media marketing, the social media for Business website and social media Studio EDGE training courses and Awards are a great place to do it.

social media for Business is arguably the definitive resource for businesses that are serious about using the platform to grow brand awareness, get new customers and increase sales. Of course, social media’s main reason for creating such a site is to increase their own ad sales so be prepared to see them pushing social media Ads at every point possible throughout this website. Here are the various areas of the site:

Getting Started

 The Getting Started page urges to you to identify your business goals, something I highly recommend as a first step in all social media efforts, and, based on each goal, lists the steps needed to get the results required.

Success Stories

 Another impressive feature of this website is the case studies it provides. It takes a lot of the guesswork out of planning a social media campaign by sharing details of how other businesses, both small and large, have used the platform and even the results they received. This is perfect for anyone who want to get campaign ideas and determine what level of success can be obtained. You may also want to buy 5000 instagram followers for cheap rates. Doing so will allow you to instantly grow your following on social media particularly on Instagram. This is actually considered as one of the best and instant ways to have more followers.


 All the latest updates on what’s happening at social media with regards to Pages and Advertising can be found in the blog-type news section of the social media for Business website. It’s worth noting that there is no subscription feature for this blog so you have to bookmark it and check back frequently to keep updated.


 This area simply introduces you to social media’s ‘product offerings’ including Pages, Advertising, Advanced Advertising, Platform (social media login, social plugins, etc.), and Measurement and Insights. If any of those things sound foreign to you, it’s worth clicking on to find out more.

The social media Studio has two main objectives:

to highlight brands that are executing phenomenal campaigns through social media and to teach social media marketers the fundamentals of Pages and Advertising so they can execute better campaigns themselves.

This is social media’s own education division. It is divided into 7 modules grouped under 2 categories: Pages and Ads. The course is self-paced and offers quite a few in-course quizzes along the way to ensure you are paying attention. Almost anyone from amateur to expert can benefit from doing these courses, if only to formalize and put into perspective what you already know. Once you’ve signed up, you get listed in the Studio Directory of social media marketers and when you complete courses, you get a flag with stars beside your name to indicate your level.

Side Note 1:

social media requires a ‘business email’ to sign up for this course, i.e. an email with your business domain name, not a Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail address.

Side Note 2:

There are only 5 Jamaicans (4 people, 1 agency) on social media Studio and I’m the only one with credentials so there’s ample opportunity to join in and be ‘one of the firsts’.

Studio Gallery and Awards

 As the name suggests, this is social media’s showcase of the brands using their platform well. social media selects these brands through submissions and they have an annual award to select the best of the best. Gallery submissions can be searched by brand category, target country, language or social media product use so it’s a great place to get amazing ideas for your next campaign.

Did you previously know about social media for Business and social media Studio? If not, are you planning to check them and use them to help you in future social media marketing campaigns? Would you like to see tools like these from other social media platforms?


Adrian O'Connor is a passionate business writing coach and a creative copywriter. He is out there to make Business classes more interesting for all the students out there.