How To Prevent Oily Skin Traditional And Natural Remedies

People with oily skin generally complain about acne and pimple. Oily skin also hampers appearance and ends up clogging skin pores. Skin produces oil for lubrication and to prevent excessive dryness. But in some people, the sebaceous gland produces excessive oil which attracts bacterial growth and leads to several skin problems including acne, pimple, and blemishes. In few people, oily skin arises due to genetic problems, unhealthy diet, unhygienic lifestyle and hormonal imbalance. The below mentioned remedies can help a lot in case if you are wondering how to prevent oily skin.

How to stop your face from getting shiny? For this purpose, the choosing of the correct treatment is a must for females and males. There is complete prevention available from oil at the skin. No pimples are provided to the skin with the natural remedies. A new and attractive look is available to the people. 

Traditional Remedies – How to Prevent Oily Skin

Regular usage of mild facial cleanser is considered as tradition methods of preventing oily skin. As per dermatologists, cleaning the skin with a mild cleanser twice a day can help a lot in managing oily skin. Mild cleanser usually removes excess of oil from skin without causing any damage. Few cleansers contain alcohols, spirit, and acid to unclog the facial pores but before using it one must consult a skin specialist. It is always advisable to test any facial product before using it regularly.

Sunscreen lotions can also be helpful in managing oily skin. Before going out in the sun, it is advisable to use sunscreen lotions as it helps in preventing pigmentation. During summers, people with oily skin can use blotting paper to remove excess of oil. The blotting paper helps in absorbing excessive oil from skin and keeps it dry. Medicated pads are also available in medical stores and it serves the same purpose as blotting papers. Using toner is yet another traditional remedy that can help in keeping the skin oil free.

Natural Remedies

Using natural remedy is one of the best options to manage oily skin without any side effects. A natural remedy reduces the excessive oil secretion without any harmful side effects. Consumption of adequate amount of water can help in solving oily skin problem. Adequate intake of water helps in detoxification of body by unclogging the pores. Avoidance of oily food can also make a lot of difference. Oily food induces the production of excessive oil by the skin.

Applying cold milk can be helpful in preventing oily skin. Cold milk acts as an amazing skin cleanser. Honey can also be used as an alternative to milk for cleansing skin. Apart from unclogging facial pores, honey also helps in enhancing facial glow. Application of vinegar on skin also prevents oily skin problems. Most of the fruits are mineral rich which can help in managing oily skin. Oranges are a rich source of vitamin C thus application of orange peels can help in reducing excessive oil. Apple and mango pulp can also be used to tackle oily skin as they act as antioxidants and this is how to prevent oily skin with natural remedies.

Other Remedies

Oily free facial masks can be used on a regular basis to manage oily skin. An oil free facial mask absorbs extra oil from skin and leaves it dry. Few facial masks available in medical stores also help in treating pimple and acne problems. Apart from facial masks, medicated facial cream can be used to check the excessive oil secretion from sebaceous glands.


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