How to Make Music

Getting into music is a great way to get your creative juices flowing. However, embarking on a new artistic endeavor can be frightening. It’s frightening, lonely, and there’s a lot to discover. Despite this, the reward is enormous. Music is one of the most diverse forms of artistic expression. It takes trust and the right resources to feel ready to get started. From conception to completion, a song must go through a number of stages. I’ll go over – step in detail in this guide and include links to resources that will assist you in mastering each process. Each stage of the process is laid out in chronological order, but you can jump to any section using the menu bar on the left.

A single spark of an idea will blossom into a finished song that dominates the airwaves. However, it must first be transformed into an album. The foundation of music making is songwriting. The word may seem archaic, but it has a far wider meaning than you may expect. Anything from music theory to production is included in songwriting. Every music producer in the modern age is a songwriter.

Music theory is the structure that explains how the songs you love work. That’s priceless knowledge that will help you realize your artistic vision. You might be shocked by how much you already know once you get started. As a music listener, your simple musical intuition is extremely valuable. One of the most enjoyable aspects of becoming a musician is building your own home studio. It’s where your ideas collide with your workflow, and your songs take shape. It’s never been simpler or more affordable to make music using digital resources. That means setting up the equipment necessary to realize your musical vision is neither costly nor difficult. To submit music is to express your passion.


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