How To Get More Facebook Page Fans

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That solves how to get the Facebook fans quickly, and now here is an explanation of the what, why, where, and when of the whole process.

What Can You Expect To Get?

You can expect to get random Facebook fans quickly and easily, to boost the numbers on your page for social proof, and for SEO.

Because they aren’t targeted, it will depend on whether the posts you do to the wall of your page have widespread appeal as to whether there will be a lot of engagement from your fans.

If you want to buy engagement figures such as likes on a post, likes on a photo, or comments, that is possible as well, if you have a good budget to play with.

Why Should You Want To Buy Cheap Likes And Social Signals?

Engagement figures and likes not only boost your Edgerank, it can get you a lower cost per click in Facebook Ads, and all the internal linking leading to your page in a huge site like Facebook means that you have a better chance of ranking your Facebook page on Google for a keyword phrase than any other sort of website.

Let it be made clear that Buying YouTube views is 100% legal and there is no harm in going for Facebook where you can get likes and shares galore without any issues even with Google having its own terms established.

Likes and links from other relevant pages help your Facebook page to rank in a Google search, and engagement signals can get you a better ranking and cost per click on Facebook.

Where Do You Go To Buy The Fans?

Well, I have more than one site where I’m selling likes, but there’s Professional Social Promotion, Buy Facebook Fans, both of which you can reach by the links on this page.

I have been this on the former of those two sites for many years, and the second one is just an attempt to beat the competition for the keyword phrase, by getting a close match domain name and focusing on that keyword.

Most people seem to want Facebook fans, which is why I concentrate on that, but I can in fact get you almost anything you want, even to the point that if you want a (fake) tiger skin rug, I can probably get that for you, if you have enough money.

I mostly deal in social media marketing services though, and the easiest thing for me to do is get you Facebook page fans, so that’s what I prefer to do.

When Will I Get The Likes? How Long Does It Take?

As a general rule of thumb, it will take about a day for every hundred likes I have to get, although it may be faster than that, or slower with some of the other types of social connections such as Google Plus followers.

I get the fans from a social swapping site, it’s totally reliable, or it always has been in the past, because what it does is allow real people to like each others’ pages for points which are good for likes.

I can do the same thing for Twitter followers, or almost anything you can think of as I said previously in this post. I will now provide a list of authority sources which support the claims I have made in this article.

This is a link to the Wikipedia page that explains as much as they can about different Facebook features. If you don’t know the difference between a poke and a like, or how to start a chat, then this is the place to learn the basics.

This is an article on Social Media Examiner, a high authority site that tells you all about social media marketing. The tips on this page will help any small business owner learn how to use Facebook to successfully market their business.

This SEOmoz video explains a lot about how to start a Facebook Ads campaign. There is a lot to it, so if you’re going to do it, you will want to get a bit of coaching, or do a bit of research on how to run a Facebook advertising campaign properly.


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