Hobo International Bonnie Handbag Review

I like this purse as it is practically designed for women and it looks awesome. The Hobo International Bonnie has a good organization and design and has separate pockets for holding my mobile, eyeglasses, pocket mirror, comb, lip gloss and other makeup stuff, car keys, credit cards and cash etc. There are also tubular compartments to hold pens, lipsticks and zippered compartments for holding cash securely. The pockets can be accessed easily in wide view and a good lock mechanism. The purse has plenty of room to keep another wallet inside it and it is really a good purse to purchase. I place my hobo wallet inside it along with my other stuff.

I toss off my bag when I get into my car and I handle it roughly but still the purse has not got any tearing and looks as fresh as a brand new purse. But my previous purse’s handles got off quickly since I swing the purse while I walk with my boy friend. The kiss lock mechanism is fabulous and the compartments are neatly arranged.

The Hobo International Bonnie is of wonderful quality and I like it very much. The bag is not heavy but is tough and durable. The lining material is good and the bag can be carried anywhere such as night out, travel, work place and any place as we like as it is versatile purse to use for women. The strap length is good enough to hold it comfortably in our shoulders. The purse is so cute and I get complimented by most of the people who see it. The bag is suitable for nearly all occasions and matches many dresses as it is of neutral color and unique design.

The quality of leather used to make Hobo International Bonnie is high and it feels soft to the touch. The purse is costly but still worth the money I spent on it. I love the craftsmanship of the Hobo International Bonnie and the reviews made for this bag at zappos were good enough that I was convinced to buy this bag immediately. The bag has vintage polish over its leather exterior and a good frame opening which lets the bag open wide to pick out stuff easily. It also has some pretty paisley patterns all over it. Of course a bag like this is not cheap, and the price is really a negative aspect of owning it. The Hobo International Bonnie is a perfect bag to carry on nights out and parties and many people recognize it with respect when they see it. Proper research should be made at ameyawdebrah site to gather information about the designer handbags available for the person. The feedback will be essential to know while purchasing as it will provide information about the flaws in the luxurious handbags at sites. 


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