Ecommerce Merchandising Is A New Term With The Traditional Meaning

To many, ecommerce merchandising might sound like something new and a modern way for some ecommerce sales. But this is nothing new and just the traditional methods of tempting an online customer to purchase from an e-store. For instance, placement of products at various spots on the internet, using engaging and alluring images, innovative marketing techniques, etc., are all parts of ecommerce merchandising. 

Strategies That You Can Adapt To Enhance Your Ecommerce Merchandising 

If you are in the ecommerce store building business, you might always be looking for ideas to improve the merchandising. Therefore, we have developed some strategies that you can use to craft your e-store next time. You can also take the Rob Ratin course to get detailed knowledge in this segment.

  • Craft your homepage with the highest selling products and promote the current trending products there.
  • A landing page or the welcome page does not have to be spammed with all your products but only provides valuable information.
  • Ensure that related products are grouped to appear categorized and make it easy to find similar products.
  • Use more visuals than textual data as it is more likely to attract customers and prompt them to make a purchase.
  • Meanwhile, you have to ensure that website is always responsive and every section is working fine.

Data Collection And Follow-Ups For Feedback Are Helpful 

Data is the most crucial thing in the virtual world, and therefore, you should always be collecting data about your customers. For instance, it is good to track your customers’ buying habits or learn what part of your online store is getting the most visits and which one is underperforming. 

Such strategies can get you success in the ecommerce world, and you can make the customer experience better this way. Moreover, it will bring more traffic to your website organically.


Adrian O'Connor is a passionate business writing coach and a creative copywriter. He is out there to make Business classes more interesting for all the students out there.