Consider These Factors Before You Decide To DIY Exterior House Painting

Yes, do it yourself can be fun. But is it going to give the house the expected look? Well that depends on some factors that an owner needs to consider before getting an exterior house painting. 

What does it mean to DIY exterior house painting? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of DIY painting?

DIY is the short of do it yourself, which means the owner will be performing the task themselves. For example, in this case, the house owner will be painting the exterior of the house themselves.

Advantages of DIY exterior house painting:

  • Pace

An owner that chooses to DIY exterior painting will not be on a time crunch. Instead, they can work at their own pace and convenience without having a deadline to complete work.

  • Cuts down cost

When DIYing, the owner will not have to pay any professional to work, which means they will be saving the money that otherwise would have taken to hire labor. 

  • Fun

Completing a DIY project with family and friends has a lot of fun involved as it brings everyone together and brings out the creative side of them.

Disadvantages of DIY exterior house painting:

  • Unprofessional

Hiring Singapore House Painting Services will ensure that the look of the house appears polished. The professional undergo the required training that helps them paint the house with minimal mess.

  • Equipment

DIY painting will not allow the owner to paint their house with required and advanced equipment and restricts them to using manual tools like brushes, rollers, and spray cans.

  • Lack of experience

DIY projects usually do not require experience as they are more of an experiment basis; however,home painting gets done best when professionals work on it.

The owner may choose to DIY or hire professionals for exterior home painting. However, to get a polished and clean look, it is best to hire professionals.


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