Combat The Fat Review – Know about the reviews

While “Combat The Fat” has an almost whimsical ring to the name, it came highly recommended to me. The only reason I considered trying this product was to help boost my muscle-building efforts. A couple of inferior bodybuilding products I’ve tried in the past have left me with a little extra fat I wanted to get rid of, so I decided to give this a shot.

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First Opinions

The first thing you should note about Combat The Fat is that it’s not just for any average Joe looking to lose weight. It is in fact a program that targets those whose metabolism has decreased due to age. While it claims to be designed for anyone of any shape and gender, I think that people in their 40s’ will find this program to be particularly beneficial.

Product Summary

Its militaristic design and theme is really unique, but at the end of the day my only real concern was whether the program actually works.

It has a unique approach to burning fat by not attacking the foods you eat. Yes, diet is important, but the one thing Combat The Fat pointed out was the fact that many of us don’t diet healthily and because we equate no food to having good body, we suffer as a result when malnutrition sets in.

At first glance you may find that the principles presented within the program are simple to understand. But as you progress further into the program you’ll find that it is not as simple as it makes itself out to be. It is not just a dieting guidebook, as it requires you to take up an exercise regime as you diet.


With its detailed pointers on how to eat right, coupled with sound advice on the training regime one should embark on, Combat The Fat will get you motivated to shed those pounds.

Even if you think you don’t have the time to dedicate yourself to a weight-loss regime, this program is practical enough to take any time constraints into consideration, and in fact guides you on how to work around your schedule so you can incorporate the weight-loss program into your daily life.

If you adhere to the program religiously the way I did, you could easily see results within the first few weeks. However, I found that the DVD coach a little too uninspiring. If you’re looking to be motivated by the DVD coach, you would probably have better luck motivating yourself.

The other bonuses thrown in are a little elementary as well, and while they add value to the program, I find that they’re something that should have been included in the program anyway. Otherwise, the program itself might not have seemed like a complete product.


For the low price of $39.95, this is a pretty good deal. But be warned: you’ll need to be very determined and disciplined to succeed – a point that I felt should have been thoroughly addressed right at the start.


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