Choosing a Hamster Cage

Don’t let their size fool you: a hamster may be one of the smallest pets available but that doesn’t mean that you will need to invest any less time or effort in their care. One of the most important steps towards the care of your hamster will take place before you bring your new pet home. I’m referring, of course, to the selection of your new hamster’s home. Typically, when choosing a home for your hamster, you will be faced with one of three choices: a wire cage, a glass aquarium, or a plastic cage. With only three primary structures to choose from, you would think that this decision would be simple. Surprisingly, there’s a lot that you need to consider before making your choice. Creating a shelter for your hamster is not something that you would do without some considerations. If there’s a bearded dragon DIY terriarium setup class, certainly there are also some guidelines in choosing a hamster cage.

My personal opinion is that a wire cage will provide the most comfortable habitat for your hamster. An aquarium may allow for ventilation on the top, but the sides and bottom are completely sealed off. That can create some discomfort for your hamster. A plastic cage can present many of the same problems; it may have tubes and other fun accessories, but the cage itself will not provide adequate ventilation. Don’t worry- there are plenty of ways to spice up a wire cage. Your hamster will also have plenty of opportunity to explore and play outside of its cage. Think of the cage as the hamster’s bedroom; it’s the hamster’s personal space. As such, it ought to be comfortable and healthy. A wire cage provides a healthy environment while leaving plenty of room for your imagination to stir things up.

Aside from ventilation, it’s important to consider the ease of cleaning the cage when selecting your hamster’s future home. Again, I believe that a wire cage offers many benefits when it comes to maintaining a clean environment. With a wire cage, the base is typically made of plastic; when it comes time to clean the cage, you simply remove the wire top from the plastic base and wipe it down. Aquariums are fairly easy to clean, too; the main drawback is their size and general bulkiness. Maybe it’s just me; I used to have fish and I really loathed cleaning the tank. It was a pain to move around and clean out to my standards. Plastic cages can be very intricate, especially when they include many tubes and hiding places for the hamster to play in. It’s a lot of trouble to break down the cage and clean each individual part. When it comes to hygiene, it’s best to stick with something you can clean easily and efficiently; a clean environment will keep your hamster healthy and happy.

Finally, you need to consider the safety of your hamster’s new home. The main thing to consider here is what sort of hamster you’ll be bringing home- a dwarf hamster or a Syrian hamster. The former is typically pretty small whereas the latter can grow to be quite large. Obviously, in terms of safety, an aquarium won’t give you much to fret about. A wire cage or a plastic cage will require a little more thought. As far as plastic cages go, you need to consider the size of your hamster versus the size of any tubes or hiding places that are a part of the cage. A large hamster, for example, might find itself stuck in a tube that’s too small for it to maneuver in. With a wire cage, you’ll need to concern yourself mainly with the spacing between each bar of the cage. The space between bars should be wide enough to allow the placement of accessories, etc., but small enough that your hamster won’t get caught when it’s exploring its home. If you have any questions about cage size, you can always ask a sales associate at the store; a knowledgeable associate will be able to explain what you need to look for given the size and breed of hamster that you’re interested in.

Hamsters are really amazing creatures; they should have an equally amazing home to call their own. Choosing a home that will provide adequate ventilation, a safe environment, and that will be easy to clean will add to your hamster’s comfort and ease its adjustment to its new surroundings. Remember- an easy adjustment period will allow you and your new pet to bond much sooner.


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