Buddhist Funeral Ceremony – What Should You Expect?

The Buddhist funeral is a sacred ceremony that pays tribute to those who have died and the process of dying. It is a complicated ritual with several aspects, including a religious service, a funeral or burial ceremony, and a Buddhist wake.

The practice is meant to bring comfort and peace to those who are mourning and offer them the opportunity to share their memories of their loved ones after the ceremony is over. The religious service before the cremation or burial ceremony includes both chanting services and reading from traditional texts and more information you can stay focused on.


  • Burial or Cremation Service


The cremation service follows the same basic steps as the Buddhist funeral service. The process of preparing the body for burial begins with a cleansing of the body, along with dressing it in all-white clothing. Next, the person who is about to be cremated is seated on either a double throne or bench and several symbols of their faith surround them. During the cremation ceremony, everyone present watches as the body is placed on top of an altar that has been made up for this purpose specifically.


  • Memorial-Day Service


A memorial service held at least a week after the funeral or burial ceremony begins with a cleansing of the body and dressing it in all white clothing. It is followed by a reading from Buddhist texts and prayers and the ceremonial lighting of incense. It is said that everyone who attends the service pays their respect to those who have passed away and sends their blessings to those still living.


  • Enlightenment Ceremony


This ceremony is also called the memorial-day ceremony, and it is the last part of the Buddhist funeral. In this final ceremony, it is said that all those who have attended religious services or who have been involved in the preparation of the body will be invited to take part in a ceremony that is dedicated to Buddhahood. The ceremony comes almost four months after the funeral or burial service, and it serves to help the deceased move on from here.

From the information, you can get an idea of the major factors you can expect from Buddhist funeral ceremonies.


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