Best Web Browsers For Android Devices

Are you looking for a mobile phone browser that can be used on your HTC One X smartphone? We got you covered. Listed below are some of the best web browser for android devices, which includes the device mentioned above. Without further ado, let’s start:

1. Opera

Opera is an additional mobile internet browser with a pc version that offers every one of the features that are included with its pc counterpart. Opera features syncing with its desktop counterpart, the ability to block ads, and a built in Virtual Private Network support.

Opera sets itself apart from other browsers with its data savings function that constricts the bandwidth size of video clips in addition to regular internet pages. Because of this, internet pages load more quickly due to the decreased data transfer requirement. This feature makes Opera browser an excellent choice if you don’t have an unlimited mobile data plan.

2. UC Browser

If you are looking for another mobile browser that will save you data, you should try the fast uc browser. UC browser supports fast downloads by involving their own servers on the download procedure. If any loss of network or internet happens on your end, the servers of UC browser will continue downloading the file for you. Because of this, downloads using UC browser is really fast. If that is not enough for you, UC browser even supports playing unfinished video downloads, allowing you to enjoy your videos without waiting for them to download completely.

3. Microsoft Edge

The mobile version of Microsoft Edge holds one advantage over its PC version. As opposed to the pc release of Microsoft Edge, you can easily modify the search engine used by default. This means that there is no hassle in changing Bing to Google if you want.


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