Basic HTML for Beginners

Did you ever wonder how web sites are made? When you look at your favorite sites, you may not think that they were made up of text. Did you know that with only a few lines of text, you can actually make your own website? Although it won’t be that pretty like what you can see in Yahoo or Facebook, the underlying concepts are the same. They are all made of texts. These texts come in the form of HTML code. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. As you can see, it is a language. In fact, it is the language that people use in order to create websites and web pages. You can also check that this is one of the most important factors you need to consider if you’d want to learn more about HTML usage.

I tell you now, learning HTML cannot be done in one sitting. There are many resources in the internet when you really want to learn how to make a fancy web site. This article can provide with you the first step in learning HTML by making an HTML file on your own.

Before anything else, you should know the basic tools required for HTML. As I have said earlier, HTML codes are actually a bunch of texts. That is why you will need a text editor. The standard text editor for Windows is the Notepad. From the Start menu, you can find it under Accessories, in the All Programs category. Although, if you prefer another text editor, it is perfectly fine. This text editor is what you will use in order to write the HTML code. Aside from the text editor, you will also need a web page browser. Famous examples of these browsers include Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. This is where you can load and open your HTML codes and view your website.

Now you are ready to start making your own website. You can begin by opening the text editor. For now, you can type anything you want. You can type your name for starters. Now let’s save your work. This is where you should be careful. You must make sure you save it as an HTML file. To do this, you should place a file extension “.html” in the file name. For example, save your work as “myname.html”. In doing so, you are making it readable for your web browser. Once you have saved the file, you can open your browser and view your website. You will see what you wrote earlier, which is your name if you followed my suggestion. It’s cool right? Well that’s just for starters.

Now you know how to make an HTML file. Actually, HTML files are made up of tags. These tags help you format your web pages. You can include pictures, audios, and videos in your site with the help of these tags. You can also change the format, size, color of the things in your site such as the font, lines, borders, etc. What you should remember is that tags are always enclosed in ” lt;  gt;” or inequality signs. There are two types of tags; the opening tag and the closing tag. To signify a closing tag, you just need to put a forwards slash in between the inequality signs like this one ” lt; /  gt;”.

The most basic tags would be the “” tag and the “” tag. The “” tag signifies the start of the HTML file. All the other tags should be placed in between the opening and closing tags ” , “. On the other hand, the “” tag signifies the start of the main contents of your website.

There are a lot of tags for making your own fancy website. Each has its own special function to help you in building your website. You can include as many tags as you want. That is the basic principle in writing HTML codes. Now you know what makes up an HTML file and the websites that you see in the Internet. As a first step, it’s not so bad. Now you can take that second step and study about other tags that can help you in learning HTML.


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