4 cool hacks to increase following on Instagram Story

Do you know Insta Stories receive More than 250 million users daily? Do you want boost your business with Instagram? Well, in that case, Instagram Stories will be your trump card anyday. The Story is undoubtedly one of the most loved features on Instagram. More followers you can garner here, better would be the chances of clicks and conversions for your business on Insta. The post below offers a short note on the tips to follow to increase following on Instagram Story.

Go for location markers

Instagram accounts carrying location markers for Stories garner 50 percent more views. This statistic single-handedly explains important of putting location mark in the Stories. More views eventually lead to more numbers of followers.

Pep up with cool features

Millions of users post Stories on Instagram every day. No wonder the competition is sky-high when it comes to pull in viewers to your Story. The idea is to create visually appealing stories that will help your post to stand tall with élan.  You can make use of the multitude of cool Story features here. Boomerang and GIFs are really popular. You can also add music, Superzoom or Rewind features.

Focus on user-generated content

As per the market reports, millennials feel user-generated contents on Instagram are 50 percent more credible compared to other kinds of contents. A major reason behind such beliefs is that here you have real users sharing their honest experiences with a brand. It’s always more reliable to assess a brand when the message comes from a fellow customer and not just the brand itself. So, try to incorporate user-generated content into your Story time and again to attract more viewership.

Use polls to increase engagement

One of the best ways to increase followers is to induce higher engagement with visitors through Instagram Stories. And a great way to inspire visitor engagement with your Story is to create Polls where they can answer your questions. This Q&A method brings more life to the Story and drives in more engagement.

Finally, don’t forget to empower your Stories with targeted hashtags.


Adrian O'Connor is a passionate business writing coach and a creative copywriter. He is out there to make Business classes more interesting for all the students out there.