3 Tips to make Instagram Marketing work for you

For those who are new to Instagram marketing or those unsatisfied with the results of their current
Instagram marketing strategy, these are our top tips on how to execute a successful campaign.

As in any other field, get the basics right, and you’re halfway through!

The rule that works in all forms of advertising – reach out to people who need your product or service.
Instead of promoting your ad to random Instagram users, you should go in for the ones who are
interested. Thanks to the vast segmentation options in Instagram marketing, you have the opportunity
to target the exact demographic you wish, which increases the effectiveness of advertising.

The more specific your audience, the more detailed and accurate feedback and response you receive.
The next step key is having those “relevant” individuals see and click through on your ad.

To make sure you get to the right people, the best option is to create multiple ads and test them in the
marketplace. Successful Instagram ad optimization always takes a lot of testing. Few know the
particulars of their target audience and how to entice them. The implementation of the right tips for
uploading stories will provide the desired results. Instagram story viewer will improve the attention of
the audience at the social media platform. The testing of the tips will offer the right results. The
promotion will offer the success to the business people.

A large number of ads and commercials bombard you every day via magazines, newspapers, TV and the
Web. No wonder most of these don’t leave a lasting impression. You have to present an appealing,
clickable message to your target audience. You need to make your ads stand out in this glut.

You can accomplish this by taking into account the following:-

• Make the most out of the title, body text, and image.

• Use proper grammar and punctuation. Avoid capitalizing all letters or all in lowercase, generic stock
images, etc.

• Use images that represent your product and draws attention.

• Convey the truth (What you need is not a mere click, but the buy-in).

• Have a “call to action” in the message or speak to the visitors’ emotions if a clear “call to action”
doesn’t work.

Don’t imitate but distinguish yourself from the competition.

Test multiple types of ads with different content and analyze the response. The time taken for changing,
tweaking or testing your ads is time well spent. Once you have amassed enough data, you will have a
clear idea of what will work. You can focus more on the ads with higher-conversion. Social Media
Marketing in New Zealand

It’s a well-known fact that your Instagram ads will have different results based on their timing.
Scheduling your ads will undoubtedly increase their performance. The biggest difference is obviously
between weekdays and weekends. Moreover, the time of the day the ads that are shown also has a
significant impact on their performance.

Depending on the kind of campaign you are running, it is beneficial if you investigate and test run your
ads on different days and times to identify when they are most effective.

We cannot advise you on the content of your ad, what demographics you should target, or the timing of
your ads, but adopting the above simple strategies should significantly increase their effectiveness.


Adrian O'Connor is a passionate business writing coach and a creative copywriter. He is out there to make Business classes more interesting for all the students out there.