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Hobo International Bonnie Handbag Review

I like this purse as it is practically designed for women and it looks awesome. The Hobo International Bonnie has …

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Dooney  amp; Bourke introduces the newest collection of unique and classy designs this season. The Dooney  amp; Bourke Scottie Dog …

Latest Posts Social Networking Through Personal Encounters

If you haven’t MySpaced, Facebooked, or Twittered enough, there’s always the opportunity to connect with others through experience. is a social network that focuses on experiences and confessions of users. Boasting and promoting anonymity, Experience Project allows users to share and connect through what they have encountered. These experiences and/or confessions can be somewhat detailed and private, so you must enter and use the site with this in mind.

Like any other social networking site, Experience Project allows members to be as open or anonymous as they like. As a member, you will have most of the typical aspects of a social networking account, including a blog, a place for your stories, your circle (fans or gurus connected to you), recommendations, and mail. You can easily connect with other users by looking for groups that share similar interests. You can even find support groups ranging from members battling depression to a book club. There are also experience categories to help you fine-tune your research. They include pets, jobs, hobbies, health, politics, and religious beliefs. These categories also have forums for members to chat.

The site hosts a Story section, which allows members to post stories about their experiences. Stories are similar to blogs where they can be about literally anything – from personal experiences to opinions to poetry. Stories are posted to be read and anyone can comment on them. They are grouped from most popular to most commented on to most recent and everything in between and they can be about anything. This is where the experience part of the site comes in. You are encouraged to share your story at a place where you can meet others like you.

Perhaps one of the most interesting aspects of the site is the Confessions section. As the name indicates, members confess to things they have done – anonymously. Confessions range from the light-hearted to the very serious. Members can comment on confessions and rate them. As you might guess, the list of confessions is long and can gobble up time if you decide to stop and read a few.

The site has an interesting search feature called snoop, which allows members to see what is being searched for on the site. Just like, it allows people to go beyond traditional use of social media like Instagram. Entries bring up everything from erotica to domestic violence – like the site itself, you never know what you’ll find when you log on. The site claims it does not advertise to anyone under the age of 16 and this should not be overlooked. The site is interesting in its appeal, but the very nature of its appeal calls for a mature audience.

Experience Project is for those that like living vicariously through others. If you like peeking into the lives of others and maybe even revealing parts of your own life anonymously, this might be the social network for you.

Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Coffee has become a multi-billion dollar enterprise. เมล็ดกาแฟมีกี่ชนิด is rising in popularity around the globe and has become a craze that does not seem to be ending any time soon. With all of this popularity, coffee can make an excellent gift idea for coffee lovers. There are a variety of coffee-related gifts that can be perfect ideas for Christmas. Here are some simple and easy ideas for coffee-related gifts.


Every coffee drinker needs a mug to use and there is a multitude of options with mugs. Coffee mugs come in a variety of shapes and sizes with various features. There are travel mugs, ceramic mugs, and plastic insulated mugs. Mugs come in a variety of colors and styles that allows anyone to find just the right mug to suit their needs.

Flavored coffees and creamers

One easy choice for coffee lovers is a selection of flavored coffees and creamers. Many people who enjoy coffee also enjoy a special brew and special flavors. These gifts can break up the routine and adds some great opportunities to try new types of coffee.

Candy covered coffee beans

One special item that is available in candy stores and many different coffee shops is candy-coated coffee beans. One of the most popular candy laden coffee bean flavors is chocolate. Chocolate covered coffee beans combine the best of both worlds: coffee and candy.

Coffee accessories

There are a number of different accessories that are needed to make coffee. The most obvious gift is a Coffee maker and the choices for those are nearly unlimited. There are coffee pots that hold a tank of hot water to almost instantly produce coffee. Some coffee makers have timers and brew coffee as programmed. There are coffee makers that brew various types of coffee such as cappuccino or espresso. Another popular item is a coffee grinder. Coffee grinders can allow coffee lovers to custom grind coffee to their own personal tastes.

Coffee gift basket

There are various stores that carry coffee gift baskets. These gift baskets come with a variety of coffee items included in one package. Picking up a gift basket is an easy way to get a special gift for coffee lovers. Another way to do the same thing is to create a gift basket with various items such as coffees and creamers. Creating a basket can save money and be more personal in nature.

Gift cards for coffee shops

There seems to be a coffee shop on every corner. Finding a great gift from a coffee shop could be relatively easy. One way to truly make the task easier is to purchase a gift card. Be sure to find out what the recipient’s favorite coffee shop and determine how much to spend. A gift card makes an excellent gift because the person can choose their own gift.

Coffee seems to be the drink of choice for many people. Coffee is served in virtually every restaurant. Most homes have coffee maker and even some that are regular coffee drinkers. Coffee is a staple among popular drinks and that trend does not seem to be changing anytime soon. Use these few tips to add some flavor and some zest to coffee. These tips might just help the next cup be the best cup.

Factors To Consider While Buying Car

In this time of quarantine, you just can’t rely on public transportation anymore. Not only is it challenging to come by due to all of the restrictions of the government but also since it is really important to maintain social distancing these days. With that, we can’t really blame you if you wake up wanting to buy a car. Well, if you can relate to what we just said, this article will benefit you since it talks about the factors that you need to take into account when trying to buy a car. 

Ask Yourself Who Will Be Using The Car

The question you need to ask yourself can come in many forms. Maybe there is another reason you want to buy a car. Maybe it is because you need it for business. Perhaps, it is not just for the quarantine. Are you a single man or woman living alone? Or do you have a spouse and a daughter? Whatever the case may be, this will help you decide if you are going to get a small or a larger car. 

The Technology

Maybe you want a car that have some installed cameras on the back so you can see how to park if there are kids behind you. Perhaps, you think it is important to have a car that has self-driving technology. List down your needs in terms of features. This will help you decide the car that you want. 

Your Budget

This is practically the most important factor of all. Think about it. No matter what your preferences are, if you can’t afford it then there is absolutely no way you are going to be able to get the car of your dreams. We may have put this as last in the list but you may want to re-prioritize. We suggest that you list down your budget before going through the items above. 

And once you get your car, perhaps you would want to redecorate the garage a bit. We know something that could be of help. Check out

Ways To Make Money Online

With today’s economy, there are many things that will leave with a feeling of uncertainty. The one thing you can rely on is the fact that you need more money and for that Evergreen Wealth Formula free download is really credible and reliable solution. There never seems to be enough no matter what you do. Now, you just about need an extra job to stay afloat, but let’s face it, who has the time? We work all day leaving us little time at home to perform our hardest job and yet the bills keep rolling in.

So, you need more money to care for your family, but if you go out to earn that money you have to leave your family. Are you seeing a pattern here? I did. I started researching ways to make money online. Read through the junk files and waded through the scams. Did I find the answer to your problems and mine? Well, that remains to be seen. What I did do was learn what not to do and the names of a few sites to help you get started. Some of these places charge fees to copy their form. A form telling you to seek out people like you and resale the same form to them. No doubt that would probably work because so many people are out there looking for income, but if you could afford to pay for their program you wouldn’t be searching for ways to make money.

Over the last few weeks, I have been trying out different approaches to earning a few extra dollars a month. One of them, you’re looking at it. You can write articles for cash. Just choose a topic that you know enough about to breeze through and run with it. You can submit your articles for review and publish them. This is not a quick process. First, the articles have to be approved. Once that happens you work on driving people to your articles. The more they are read the more money you make.

If writing isn’t your thing, start a website. It can be about anything you’d like. Sell things, new or used. Write poetry or download pics and music. How will this make you money? You sign up with different companies as an affiliate. This allows you to put banners on your site. As viewers click on the banners you grow a commission bank. Now just like with the writing you will have to drive in viewers. This process takes even longer because most companies handpick and approve affiliates. The process can take a few days. Once you do get your ads out there and start producing sales you will find that most of them pay monthly/ So if you start tomorrow, and earn 100 by Friday, the commission will be figured and you will move on into Oct. You will continue to grow your site traffic and at the end of the month your Sept Check(100) will go out and your Oct sales figured for disbursement which you will get at the end of the next month.

Now both of these things can be done for free, however, if you are looking for ways to make money from home, someone out there will gladly sell you the info I just gave you for free. At this point, I can’t tell you how much money I will make utilizing these tools. I can tell you that I will keep trying. I will list, in my references a couple of sites to help you get started, as well as my site on Pageants, Health, and Beauty. I have several related banners on my site to help support it. I will also give you a link for starting your on-site for just a few dollars out of pocket. I know what it is like to be in search of spare change and wish you the best of luck. So darlings, this is The Dime Store Diva saying a penny saved is one more to shop with! Happy Hunting.

NutriSystem: Too Good to Be True?

Like millions of other Americans, I can definitely benefit from shedding a few pounds and am always looking for that “magic pill”. So, with all the NutriSystem commercials that have been running lately, I decided to give it a try. After all, my biggest hurdle to losing weight is not knowing what I should eat each day and not having the time to plan out meals in advance. So I signed up for NutriSystem thinking this was exactly what I need. I thought I’d like to do this for three months to lose the 30 pounds that I need to lose. So I took advantage of NutriSystem’s auto-delivery program because you get free shipping and a 10% discount if you commit to three monthly orders. This brought my first month’s order to $300, plus I got an extra week of food for free. You can also check out these honest Noom diet reviews to see how effective this system is.

My food arrived about 3 business days later in a large box from UPS. To my amazement, the food does not have to be refrigerated or frozen. But here’s what they don’t tell you, or they don’t advertise it very well, it’s that you have to supplement each meal with your own food:

With a NutriSystem BREAKFAST, you have to add one fruit serving and one dairy or protein serving; with a NutriSystem LUNCH you have to add one dairy or protein serving and a salad; with a NutriSystem DINNER, you have to include 2 vegetable servings, a salad or fruit serving, and one fat serving. And then you get a NutriSystem DESSERT and a snack of one fruit serving and one dairy or protein serving.

So on top of the $300 for the NutriSystem meals, you have to purchase enough vegetables, fruit, dairy, and protein products to include during breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack time. Which defeats the whole purpose if you were hoping to not have to plan or prepare any meals.

But my biggest complaint has to do with the taste of the NutriSystem food. It is absolutely horrible! I did read reviews from customers on various forums saying how they hated the food, but I figured that I could handle it. Besides, I’ve eaten Lean Cuisine and Smart Ones, so how different can NutriSystem be, right? WRONG!

I think it has something to do with the fact that it doesn’t have to be refrigerated or frozen – something they do to preserve the food, perhaps. But it was not edible at all. When I tried to eat the eggs, I almost threw up, it was that bad! The texture of the food is horrible. And everything just has a strange taste to it. I ordered the cheesy homestyle mashed potatoes, thinking how can you mess up mashed potatoes? But they also made me gag. The only thing that tasted decent was the cereal.

Oh yeah, one more thing. You do have one week from the day you receive the food to cancel and request a refund. However, if you signed up for auto-delivery and then decide to cancel before making three purchases, you have to pay back the discount and the shipping cost because you didn’t commit to three orders. Plus, you have to pay to ship the remaining contents back to them.

So let this be a warning to anyone thinking about ordering this stuff. If I could do it over, I would have looked on Craigslist or eBay and purchased someone else’s unused food to give it a try before shelling out $300. Thus, I have come to face the hard, cold facts: There really is no easy way out. If I want to lose weight, I’m going to have to do it the old fashioned way – exercise and healthy eating. Wish me luck!

4 cool hacks to increase following on Instagram Story

Do you know Insta Stories receive More than 250 million users daily? Do you want boost your business with Instagram? Well, in that case, Instagram Stories will be your trump card anyday. The Story is undoubtedly one of the most loved features on Instagram. More followers you can garner here, better would be the chances of clicks and conversions for your business on Insta. The post below offers a short note on the tips to follow to increase following on Instagram Story.

Go for location markers

Instagram accounts carrying location markers for Stories garner 50 percent more views. This statistic single-handedly explains important of putting location mark in the Stories. More views eventually lead to more numbers of followers.

Pep up with cool features

Millions of users post Stories on Instagram every day. No wonder the competition is sky-high when it comes to pull in viewers to your Story. The idea is to create visually appealing stories that will help your post to stand tall with élan.  You can make use of the multitude of cool Story features here. Boomerang and GIFs are really popular. You can also add music, Superzoom or Rewind features.

Focus on user-generated content

As per the market reports, millennials feel user-generated contents on Instagram are 50 percent more credible compared to other kinds of contents. A major reason behind such beliefs is that here you have real users sharing their honest experiences with a brand. It’s always more reliable to assess a brand when the message comes from a fellow customer and not just the brand itself. So, try to incorporate user-generated content into your Story time and again to attract more viewership.

Use polls to increase engagement

One of the best ways to increase followers is to induce higher engagement with visitors through Instagram Stories. And a great way to inspire visitor engagement with your Story is to create Polls where they can answer your questions. This Q&A method brings more life to the Story and drives in more engagement.

Finally, don’t forget to empower your Stories with targeted hashtags.

Hobo International Bonnie Handbag Review

I like this purse as it is practically designed for women and it looks awesome. The Hobo International Bonnie has a good organization and design and has separate pockets for holding my mobile, eyeglasses, pocket mirror, comb, lip gloss and other makeup stuff, car keys, credit cards and cash etc. There are also tubular compartments to hold pens, lipsticks and zippered compartments for holding cash securely. The pockets can be accessed easily in wide view and a good lock mechanism. The purse has plenty of room to keep another wallet inside it and it is really a good purse to purchase. I place my hobo wallet inside it along with my other stuff.

I toss off my bag when I get into my car and I handle it roughly but still the purse has not got any tearing and looks as fresh as a brand new purse. But my previous purse’s handles got off quickly since I swing the purse while I walk with my boy friend. The kiss lock mechanism is fabulous and the compartments are neatly arranged.

The Hobo International Bonnie is of wonderful quality and I like it very much. The bag is not heavy but is tough and durable. The lining material is good and the bag can be carried anywhere such as night out, travel, work place and any place as we like as it is versatile purse to use for women. The strap length is good enough to hold it comfortably in our shoulders. The purse is so cute and I get complimented by most of the people who see it. The bag is suitable for nearly all occasions and matches many dresses as it is of neutral color and unique design.

The quality of leather used to make Hobo International Bonnie is high and it feels soft to the touch. The purse is costly but still worth the money I spent on it. I love the craftsmanship of the Hobo International Bonnie and the reviews made for this bag at zappos were good enough that I was convinced to buy this bag immediately. The bag has vintage polish over its leather exterior and a good frame opening which lets the bag open wide to pick out stuff easily. It also has some pretty paisley patterns all over it. Of course a bag like this is not cheap, and the price is really a negative aspect of owning it. The Hobo International Bonnie is a perfect bag to carry on nights out and parties and many people recognize it with respect when they see it. Proper research should be made at ameyawdebrah site to gather information about the designer handbags available for the person. The feedback will be essential to know while purchasing as it will provide information about the flaws in the luxurious handbags at sites. 

Basic HTML for Beginners

Did you ever wonder how web sites are made? When you look at your favorite sites, you may not think that they were made up of text. Did you know that with only a few lines of text, you can actually make your own website? Although it won’t be that pretty like what you can see in Yahoo or Facebook, the underlying concepts are the same. They are all made of texts. These texts come in the form of HTML code. HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language. As you can see, it is a language. In fact, it is the language that people use in order to create websites and web pages. You can also check that this is one of the most important factors you need to consider if you’d want to learn more about HTML usage.

I tell you now, learning HTML cannot be done in one sitting. There are many resources in the internet when you really want to learn how to make a fancy web site. This article can provide with you the first step in learning HTML by making an HTML file on your own.

Before anything else, you should know the basic tools required for HTML. As I have said earlier, HTML codes are actually a bunch of texts. That is why you will need a text editor. The standard text editor for Windows is the Notepad. From the Start menu, you can find it under Accessories, in the All Programs category. Although, if you prefer another text editor, it is perfectly fine. This text editor is what you will use in order to write the HTML code. Aside from the text editor, you will also need a web page browser. Famous examples of these browsers include Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. This is where you can load and open your HTML codes and view your website.

Now you are ready to start making your own website. You can begin by opening the text editor. For now, you can type anything you want. You can type your name for starters. Now let’s save your work. This is where you should be careful. You must make sure you save it as an HTML file. To do this, you should place a file extension “.html” in the file name. For example, save your work as “myname.html”. In doing so, you are making it readable for your web browser. Once you have saved the file, you can open your browser and view your website. You will see what you wrote earlier, which is your name if you followed my suggestion. It’s cool right? Well that’s just for starters.

Now you know how to make an HTML file. Actually, HTML files are made up of tags. These tags help you format your web pages. You can include pictures, audios, and videos in your site with the help of these tags. You can also change the format, size, color of the things in your site such as the font, lines, borders, etc. What you should remember is that tags are always enclosed in ” lt;  gt;” or inequality signs. There are two types of tags; the opening tag and the closing tag. To signify a closing tag, you just need to put a forwards slash in between the inequality signs like this one ” lt; /  gt;”.

The most basic tags would be the “” tag and the “” tag. The “” tag signifies the start of the HTML file. All the other tags should be placed in between the opening and closing tags ” , “. On the other hand, the “” tag signifies the start of the main contents of your website.

There are a lot of tags for making your own fancy website. Each has its own special function to help you in building your website. You can include as many tags as you want. That is the basic principle in writing HTML codes. Now you know what makes up an HTML file and the websites that you see in the Internet. As a first step, it’s not so bad. Now you can take that second step and study about other tags that can help you in learning HTML.

Home Organization Tips From a Flylady Dropout

In search of tips and tricks for housekeeping cleaning chores and overall organization, many of us have heard about Flylady, the forever shoe wearing, duster wielding, zone cleaning maven of home organization and cleaning.

While I, myself, spent quite a bit of time reading Flylady’s online material and even attempting to apply many of the principles found therein, I have decided that in addition to a loyal Flylady following, there should also be a chorus of us Flylady Dropouts–of which I am first in line.

However, this is not to say the Flylady approach, her tips and tricks are not helpful, that her methods are not successful because that’s just not true. They are a huge help to those that follow. But, what I am saying is that I did come away from my Flylady education with lasting principles that I still joyfully apply in my home today, two of them at least. Trust me when I say even Flylady Dropouts can soar. Let me tell you some of the things I learned on Flylady that stuck with me and have been proven to be true time-savers, home-helpers even for one such as myself who not only lives but thrives in a chaotic household. (And, no, that does not mean can’t-have-anyone-over household!) The layout of the house can be defined to the домоуправител for housekeeping. The manager should build a relation of trust with the client. It will be helpful in solving the issues whenever there will be misunderstanding. The work will be done smoothly to provide the benefit to the owner.

Hot Spot Control and Prevention

This has to be number one, my favorite lesson from Flylady that I have adopted as my own, shared with my children, with friends and will keep forever. You know those places in your home where it seems stacks of papers, books, magazines, mittens, tiny rocks, ponytail holders and the like just congregate and then begin to grow? They congregate, grow and spill over to other places–you know the ones. The top of the refrigerator, the top of the microwave, kitchen table or bar corner, night table beside your bed, the list goes on. We’re always going to have places where things like this congregate in my home, but at least now they’re contained to just one or two hot spots and not an endless number found all around the house and spreading beyond thanks to my brief Flylady experience. Flylady advocates clearing out those clutter spots, putting the detritus that has gathered there in it’s place. (If you’re like me, that pile probably is it’s place). This tactic works well even for a Flylady Dropout.

Fifteen Minutes Is All It Takes

You can do anything for 15 minutes, said the Flylady. This one I brought home with me to keep. Any task at anytime doesn’t seem so overwhelming or such a long process when broken down into 15 minute increments. Tidy the living room for 15 minutes, then take a break or move on to another chore for a fresh look at things. If you need to return to the living room, or whatever project, then do so but keep it all in those 15 minute shots. It really does work to do this with the kids as well, when they(and you) see how much really does get done with 15 focused minutes, the outlook changes and therefore the work effort is good and the outcome is a clean room or a finished job.

Clear That Kitchen Sink

While the original Flylady’s premise is to shine the kitchen sink, I’m not a sink shiner myself. However, I do find that keeping the dishes under control leaves the sink free for mixing up koolaid, rinsing off fruit and just generally keeps the kitchen life flowing along smoothly.

These are the picks of a Flylady Dropout, I’ve no time for control journals or decluttering several times a day, but the above three picks are significant assets to any home keeping scheme, even those homes that do not desire to be completely clutter or chao-free.

Dating Scenario- Second Chances to Make Amends

This is something that will arouse the interest of all the Roadside Romeos out there because there is nothing better they’d like to do than to make it out with a beautiful damsel but have little success due to obvious reasons.

They are themselves to blame because of their wrong approach towards girls with malicious intentions on their mind which would naturally freak them out and keep their safe distance.

It is due to them that even innocent people who want to strike a friendship with the opposite sex are viewed in the same light by the girls at large and which further prevents them from making the first move.

Helping Hand

We are living in times where girls are far ahead of boys in terms of an outgoing or brash personality who no longer hesitate to speak their mind and are as rebellious as males.

It is this type of girls that are termed as tomboys as they have the charisma, aggression and swagger that a confident, dashing, smart macho man would have, which is an interesting juxtaposition to indicate how far we have come.

Even if things go wrong and there is breakup in a relationship, there are many ways through which you can reenter the dating scene and it is the saitove za zapoznanstva that provide the helping hand for such people.

  • It takes time to get over the breakup and this phase is quite tough so make sure that you are completely healed and resolute to try out another time

  • Learn from past mistakes and find out where you went wrong last time so that it is not repeated again so be sure what type of person you want to date in terms personality and nature
  • There is nothing more important than self respect so never try to prove yourself to her just to keep her with you as that would make you look weak and spineless who can’t handle such issues